Collection: Men's Tweed Clothing

From durable Rutland tweed coats to stylish country blazers, we have an exclusive selection of tweed clothing for men in popular country colours and fits.

Our men's tweed clothing garments make the perfect essentials for a country gent and are made with luxury tweed ensuring products with the highest quality. 

Shop our tweed clothing today and complete your wardrobe for the new season. 

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Men's Tweed Clothing

Men's Tweed Clothing

Our selection of tweed clothing for men comprises of the highest quality tweed essentials made from luxury tweed wool. Our tweed clothes are guaranteed to give you reliable performance in the countryside whilst looking stylish enough to wear for a range of occasions.

Crafting our tweed clothing by adhering to the highest standards allows us to be confident we are providing you with the most durable products that form the best quality tweed on the market.

Tweed Clothing Collections

Here at Alan Paine, we have three main tweed clothing collections:

Combrook Tweed Clothing

Our best-selling tweed clothing. For a full shooting day outfit look no further than these specifically tailored tweed clothes. Designed to give you freedom of movement for movement whilst being designed to stand out.

We have four colourways this season including elm, sage, maple and new colourway hawthorn.

Surrey Tweed Clothing

This contemporary collection of tweed is perfect for formal events and features exclusively designed wool tweed. The surrey tweed coats give you heavy rain protection whilst the stylish blazers are made for those country events.

Rutland Tweed Clothing

A firm favourite with gamekeepers & beaters this style of tweed is our most robust and durable. We use AP EX technology to allow for a durable membrane in our coats whilst each product is designed to withstand the elements. 

Our lichen and dark moss colourways have been popular since we launched our tweed clothing whilst we have new colour 'seaweed' for the AW22 season.

Types Of Men's Tweed Clothing

Tweed Coats & Tweed Jackets

Heavy duty outerwear that will keep you warm and dry regardless of the conditions. We know the British countryside can be tough, which is why we ensure these tweed coats are durable, fully waterproof and insulating.

Tweed Waistcoats

Great for an additional layer or on its own during warmer days. Our lined-back options make for great smart wear with trousers and a shirt too.

Tweed Blazers

Level up your weekend style. great for formal occasions or meet-ups a blazer is guaranteed to turn heads.

Tweed Breeks

Complete the look for a formal shoot with a matching pair of breeks. Our tweed clothing can be paired with many outfits however we do recommend our breeks to stick to field sports.

Tweed Caps

A versatile cap is great for any outfit and will complete your tweed outfit. They've seen a resurgence as of late and very popular with smarter wear.

When Can I Wear Tweed Clothing?

Tweed clothing has seen a resurgence over the past 20 years that not only can be worn for country pursuits, but all manner of activities. Tweed clothing is versatile enough to wear for a range of activities. Namely, festival finery, watching sport, and weekend getaways.

Due to the timeless elegance of tweed, you can wear with a blazer, or waistcoat with trousers and a formal shirt. This could be for days in the office, days in the city or a summer wedding. 

A heavy duty coat will keep you warm whilst watching sport whilst a tweed cap can be worn with almost anything. Though tweed is synonymous with country pursuits, a stylish colourway from Alan Paine can be utilised for much more.

Which Is The Best Tweed For Me?

Well, it depends. Consider what you want tweed clothing for and this will help you decide which type to go with.

If you are looking for country sport only, our Rutland tweed would be most recommended. This is heavy duty and gives you the best features when shooting. Our Combrook is a great all rounder that is made fro country sports, yet more stylish and can be worn recreationally. 

For smart tweed outfits that stand out during formal occasions, our Surrey tweed is best. 

Size Guide & Care Info

Our men’s tweed clothing may vary in fit depending on the cut, style & fabric. Be sure to check the size guide on the product page to ensure you know the right size for you. Our tweed clothing is designed with one of two fits:

1. Shooting fit - Building into garment 10" to 11" from actual chest size allowing for both movement & layering.

2. Regular Fit - Building into garment 5" to 6" from actual chest size allowing for layering only.

For example, if you were a 42" chest and bought a size 42" Combrook Men's Tweed Coat (Regular Fit), the actual garment chest would measure 47" to accommodate layering. You will find the type of garment fit at the end of the product name.

We offer free returns on all UK orders so you can be sure that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your needs.

All of our tweed clothing is dry clean only. 

Shop At Alan Paine For Tweed Clothing

We have a wide range of tweed clothing from a range of styles, colours, and sizes to ensure you can find everything you need. We are an English brand rich in heritage and steeped in tradition. With over 115 years of crafting excellent outerwear, we have a worldwide reputation for excellent quality clothing. 

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