Collection: Men's Country Jackets & Outdoor Country Coats

Discover our range of quality men's country jackets & outdoor country coats that will keep warm and dry whilst you embrace the elements of the countryside.

Here at Alan Paine, we know that a waterproof & durable outdoor country jacket is essential whilst in the countryside which is why we offer the highest quality outerwear pieces on the market.

Our men's country jackets are a part of our men's country clothing selection.

Men's Country Jackets & Outdoor Country Coats

Men's Country Jackets & Country Coats

Our men's waterproof country jackets and country coats are made with the highest quality fibres & innovative technologies to ensure you have a quality jacket that you can rely on season after season. 

With guaranteed warmth, style and heavy rain protection, along with a range of colours & styles to choose from; Shop our collection of men's country jackets today.

Featured Collections

Initially featuring a single coat, we now have over 50 men's country jackets & country coats to choose from including some of our best-selling ranges. 

We have a range of tweed coats including our best-selling Combrook range, durable Rutland options and Surrey attire. These are our warmest coats and will perform year after year, in the harshest of conditions. 

For a shooting focused coat without the weight, we have exclusively designed cotton twill Axford coats that are waterproof along with Fernley jackets which are great for a lightweight option.

New for the season comes our Calsall jackets in colours navy and olive which are stylish and excellent for days around town. Speaking of new collections we have introduced our Milwood range of robust performance wear which boasts a waterproof level of 10,000mm / 10,000mvp to keep you dry and comfortable in the most punishing of conditions.

Which Country Jackets Are Lightweight?

Our most popular lightweight coats are the Fernley coats or jackets which are fully waterproof and an excellent choice when you are heading out for a day in the country. With our new colour 'hopsack' we now have three colours to choose from. 

The Kexby coat is new for the season in navy, tan and olive. With a 100% cotton outer and machine washable, this is a useful coat to have ready anytime you are heading out.

Our Calsall, Axford and Chatbourne ranges are also lightweight featuring different styles and colours that will complement your current ensemble.

What To Wear With A Men's Waterproof Country Jacket

Our range of waterproof country coats are designed to be used whilst in the field in the harshest of conditions making them go to garments with your wet weather wear. For those wet days, team with a pair of waterproof trousers and Arxus wellies with several layers for warmth. 

 Due to their warmth and rain protection, our country coats can be worn whilst at outdoor sporting events such as at the rugby. Wear with a pair of jeans, and your teams colours underneath one of our coats.

Wear a country jacket whilst adventuring about town on a cooler day, wearing it casually above a men's lambswool jumper. Our collection of men's waterproof country jackets are guaranteed to protect you in the toughest of conditions, making them popular for long days in the field, or on the peg. 

Finding The Perfect Fitting Men's Waterproof Country Jacket

Whilst choosing the perfect men's country coat or jacket, ensure that you consider the sizing. Our full sizing guidelines are on every product page for the specific coat. Ensure that you choose one roomy enough to allow freedom for movement which is important for the upper body and arms. 

Country coats are relied upon during those cold winter months which usually means a lot of layers underneath. To assist you with our sizing, we design our men's waterproof country jackets with one of two fits:

1. Shooting Fit - Building into men's country coat 10" to 11" from actual chest size to allow for movement & layering.

2. Regular Fit - Building into men's country coat 5" to 6" from actual chest size to allow for layering.

For example, if you were a 42" chest and bought a size 42" Combrook men's country coat (shooting fit), the actual garment chest would measure 52" to accommodate layering and movement. The fitting of our country coats are at the end of the product name. 

All of our men's waterproof country jackets & country coats come with free UK extended returns should you need to switch sizes.

Shop Country Jackets & Country Coats From Alan Paine

Our extensive range of technical functional country coats will help you to find a style that suit you and be a reliable go to for all of your country needs. With the highest quality fibres using sustainably managed resources we know you will love our country coats or jackets and be able to get years of use and wear. 

All country coats over £200 come with free delivery whilst we have an extended returns policy so you can ensure you find the right size for your needs. Do consider how many layers you will be wearing under your garment as this could decide whether you need a bigger size.

Shop our full range of men's waterproof country jackets & country coats today to find an essential layer this season, for all of your country pursuits. 

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