Collection: Men's Shooting Socks

Discover our colourful range of men's shooting socks to complete your seasonal wardrobe and keep your feet warm during those long days in the field.

All of our shooting socks are designed with luxurious wool fibres and hand crafted for the comfiest sock possible. All socks also come with a reinforced toe for extra support. 

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Men's Shooting Socks

Men's Shooting Socks

A pair of thick men's shooting socks are essential during those winter months for keeping your feet and legs warm, whilst being comfy for long days on the peg. 

How To Wear Men's Shooting Socks

For correct shooting etiquette, our men's shooting socks should be worn over the cuffs of your tweed breeks and pulled up to your knee, rolling the top of the sock below the knee. 

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Shop our men's shooting socks today to add some colour to your country outfit. 

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