Collection: Men's Lambswool Jumpers

Here at Alan Paine, we know that no man’s wardrobe is complete without a classic super-soft pure lambswool jumper in their collection.

Our men's Lambswool sweater range includes a range of iconic styles and colours whether you are looking for a more casual lambswool layer, or a traditional lambswool cardigan. We have the right jumper for you. 

Men's Lambswool Jumpers

Men's Lambswool Jumpers

All of our lambswool jumpers have been expertly hand-crafted with the most luxurious fibres to bring you super-soft outerwear. Our range features a wide range of classic styles, eye-catching colourways and sizes ranging from a UK38-UK50. We have something in this collection for every gent.

Benefits Of An Alan Paine Lambswool Jumper

We've been designing men's jumpers for 115 years and take every care to bring you the best quality garments, that make a go-to layering piece for years to come. 

Lambswool is a type of wool from a lamb 7 months or younger, and the wool typically coming the lamb's first shearing. This makes lambswool super soft and fine. 

Lambswool is a natural insulator whilst also being able to regulate body temperature should you be too hot. Due to its breathable properties, it can transfer heat away from your skin to keep you cool & dry. Lambswool is also hypoallergenic too and good for people who have allergies.

Alan Paine lambswool yarn is spun by Europe's oldest spinner, Z. Hinchcliffe, founded in Yorkshire, England over 250 years ago. Our lambswool knitwear is made from 100% super-soft lambswool which is 5x warmer than normal wool, and all of the collection is fully fashioned by being knitted to shape on the knitting machine.

Each stitch is linked by hand to give the smoothest joint possible, whilst all of our men's lambswool jumpers have a ribbed hem & cuffs to improve the fitting. This leaves an end result of a superior quality lambswool jumper. 

How To Style A Lambswool Jumper

Men's Lambswool Crew Neck Jumpers - Everybody needs a crew neck in their wardrobe. Wear on it's own with chinos or layer up underneath an Alan Paine jacket for a day in the city. The choice is yours. 

Men's Lambswool V Neck Jumpers - Great for layering over a shirt, a v-neck is a go-to for those formal days in the office.

Men's Lambswool Slipovers - A go to insulating layer. Style the lambswool slipover with a formal shirt for afternoons at the pub. Alternatively, wear underneath a coat whilst adventuring in the great British countryside.

Men's Lambswool Cardigans - So versatile and great for dressing up or dressing down. Wear a lambswool cardigan over a shirt and tie with trousers for those formal days. Alternatively, style casually with a t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

When To Wear A Lambswool Jumper?

A lambswool sweater or jumper is an everyday piece that will be in and out of your wardrobe throughout the winter season. style a lambswool jumper over a shirt and tie for days in the office, especially if you commute by foot or public transport. A lambswool jumper is comfortable to wear all day but very insulating too. 

Engage in any outdoor pursuits? A lambswool jumper will become your best friend. Wear underneath a jacket for casual styling maybe even in one of our brighter colour lambswool jumpers if want to stand out. A lambswool jumper is great if you are watching sport in the winter months and as it is a thicker wool, a layer underneath won't be seen through it. We recommend a 1/4 zip here, as they look sporty & casual.

Alternatively, keep a lambswool jumper handy if you are heading out with friends and may stay until the evening. Our super cosy lambswool cardigans are a great option here. Even in summer, as the BBQ dies down as it's getting late, a lambswool layer is great to have with you.

Find The Perfect Fitting Lambswool Jumper

Whether you are looking to buy a lambswool jumper for yourself or as a gift, you need to make sure that the fit is right. Here at Alan Paine, we've made it simple. All of our men's lambswool jumpers are designed with one of two fits:

  1. Regular Fit - Our modern fit which is slightly tapered across the waist and chest, whilst still retaining room for freedom of movement.
  2. Classic Fit - Our traditional fit which is cut more generously across the waist and chest, designed for comfortable wearing.

Care Tips

Always follow the instructions on the garment to ensure you can keep wearing your new jumper for years to come. Our lambswool jumpers are hand wash only.

Lambswool is naturally soft, smooth and elastic and its soft handle will be maintained only by hand washing or if it has been treated so it can be machine washed. 

If you have any questions about our men's lambswool jumpers, please contact our friendly care team at

Why Shop Knitwear From Alan Paine?

Since 1907, we have developed a worldwide reputation for crafting the finest outerwear by combining evolutionary style with luxurious comfort. Our lambswool jumpers for men are no exception. 

All of our jumpers are made with 100% soft lambswool and fully fashioned with hand-stitching. We leave it for others to cut corners. Our lambswool is spun for us by Europe’s oldest spinner, Z. Hinchliffe, founded in England over 250 years ago.

We offer fast free UK deliveries on all orders over £200 along with an extended returns process should you need to change sizes. With over 150 lambswool jumpers, our extensive range has something for everyone. 

Shop our men's lambswool knitwear collection now to discover a colour to suit your style.