Collection: Women's Shooting Breeks

Be ready for your next countryside adventure with our wide selection of women's shooting breeks in traditional fabrics to complete your shooting wardrobe.

Our women's breeks are made with innovative technology to keep you warm and dry whatever the weather including our durable tweeds and lightweight waterproof breeks.

Discover our complete women's shooting clothing collection to complete your shooting day outfit and find matching garments to your breeks.

Women's Shooting Breeks

Women's Shooting Breeks

At Alan Paine, we know women's shooting breeks are a must have for every sporting enthusiast and we have designed our garments to be durable & reliable in any weather conditions but also be stylish too.

A good pair of women's shooting breeks are hard to come by which is why we have crafted a range of functional women's breeks that not only look the part but are packed with useful features for the shooting enthusiast.

How To Wear Women's Shooting Breeks

Women's shooting breeks do form part of a formal shooting attire and it is important to wear the correct clothing whilst also knowing the correct way to wear them.

 Traditionalists favour wearing shooting socks over the breeks, even if the breeks have a buckle or Velcro strap, pulling the sock over the bottom of the breek up to the knee with the sock folded back down on itself. It’s advisable to wear a garter which should be tied neatly to create a snug join before turning over the cuff of the sock (you should see several inches of garter tassel outside the sock).

Breeks are cut more generously around the knee for added flexibility but make sure your breeks are loose enough to stop them pulling away from your socks and riding up when bending your knee.


Combrook VS Fernley Women's Shooting Breeks

Our Combrook breeks are the best-selling breeks for women and designed with 100% wool tweed making them very durable during long days in the field.

This also gives them a water repellent outer whilst also being fully lined with cotton, side pockets, secure back pockets and a Velcro adjusted hem.

Our Combrook women's breeks also have a 19.5'' inside leg.

Our Fernley women's shooting breeks are fully waterproof guaranteeing heavy rain protection with taped waterproof seams and lined with an airtex mesh.

These women's breeks are breathable allowing moisture to evaporate and include side pockets and concealed back pockets.  Our Fernley women's breeks are machine washable too!

For our specific range of tweed options, see our range of women's tweed breeks.

 What To Wear With Women's Shooting Breeks

Our women's shooting breeks are an essential garment for shoot days and form part of correct shooting etiquette. If the day calls for tweed, we recommend pairing your breeks with a matching women's shooting jacket and women's tweed gilet, or just the gilet on milder days. The full 3 piece suit isn't essential, but is considered traditional styling with a matching cap.

To complete the outfit, a women's shooting shirt is essential which can be worn with women's breeks more casually whilst completing a day in the field.

Women's Shooting Breeks Sizing Information

Our Women's Shooting Breeks have a 19.5'' inside leg and come with an adjustable pull hem. All women's breeks range from a size UK 8 to a UK 20 to ensure we have the right size for every sporting enthusiast.

There are specific measurements for the waist & hips on product pages, including international size comparisons. Remember, we also have extended free returns on UK orders, in case you aren't sure of the perfect fit.

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Here at Alan Paine, we adhere to the highest standards in order to supply luxury garments that are made with the best-quality fabrics along with innovative design & styling. With over 115 years of experience designing outerwear, we have designed a collection of women's shooting breeks that are durable, functional and simply stunning to wear. 

We offer fast free shipping on all orders over £200 along with an extended free returns policy so you can be confident that you will be able to find the right size. Shop all our women's shooting breeks today.