Collection: Men's Shooting Ties

Shop Alan Paine men's shooting ties in a range of patterns & colours to add the perfect finishing touch to your shooting day outfit. 

Our collection of men's shooting ties are designed to add a pop of colour to your tweed. Choose from our best-selling knitted wool country ties, to our themed ties including silk pheasant ties, or bird & dog design. We know that a men's shooting tie is a statement piece for the country gent.

Shop online today and complete your shooting outfit. For more accessories from Alan Paine, explore our range Arxus wellies or complete men's shooting accessories selection.

Men's Shooting Ties

Men's Shooting Ties

Our collection of shooting ties make the perfect finishing touch to any shooting outfit. We have a selection of shooting ties available including knitted wool ties in a range of colours.

We also have a wide feature of silk ties with creative designs including, pheasants, dog, ducks or boars. These make great shooting ties that will allow you to look the part and conform to shooting etiquette.

To blend in with the elements, many choose shooting wear that matches the colours of the countryside. A tie of course is less noticeable making a colourful one a great way to stand out from the crowd. These shooting ties come in a range of stunning colours giving you the option of matching your outfit or being creative.

All of our men's shooting ties are 150cm in length, suitable for any knot variation you wish and are packaged in an Alan Paine branded presentation box - making them the perfect gift.

Why Wear A Men's Shooting Tie?

A shooting tie is deeply rooted in traditional country attire and part of proper etiquette for game shooting. Driven shoots are well organised events that are considered formal affairs whilst it is a show of respect to turn up to these shoots in proper uniform, including the correct neckwear. 

In terms of practicality, during the chilly months that game shooting takes place, a tie with fastened top button will create a windproof seal and help to retain body heat. 

How To Style A Men's Shooting Tie

During a day in the field, a shooting tie will be styled appropriately with a shirt to go underneath a men's shooting waistcoat or men's shooting jacket with matching shooting breeks & cap.

For the country gent who wishes to stay formal during meetups or social gatherings, combine a tie with a country style shirt and a colour complimenting men's shooting jumper if an extra layer is needed. 

Browse our entire collection of men's shooting ties today or shop all Alan Paine men's shooting clothing to find everything you need for your next day on the peg.

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As a leading country clothing provider and company with a worldwide reputation for excellent quality, we know you will love our men's shooting ties. We offer free delivery on all orders over £200 with an extended free returns policy so you can find the right shooting tie for your needs & style choices.

Explore our range of men's shooting ties today and find the perfect final touch to your shooting wear.