Collection: Women's Beating Clothing

Here at Alan Paine, we have an extensive range of comfortable & durable women's beating clothing that is essential for a successful day in the field. See our stylish range today. 

We have specially selected this range to feature our best performing durable clothing that is perfect for a day's grouse or pheasant beating. From waterproof wellies to robust shooting coats this collection will have something for you.

Shop the collection of women's beating clothing today and be prepared for your next day in the great outdoors. For more countryside staples from Alan Paine, discover our women's clay shooting clothing or entire women's shooting clothes.

Women's Beating Clothing

Women's Beating Clothing

Due to the popularity and growth of our country clothing offering, we have extended our range to feature more waterproof and durable clothing that goes hand in hand with beating.

We only use the highest quality fibres and materials to design our women's beating clothing. We have paid every attention to detail to ensure that our beating clothing for women is not just durable, but also packed with useful features that won't go amiss during long days in the field. 

Women's Beating Clothing Essentials

 A day's beating is no easy feat where a beater will get a lot of miles in their legs by the day's end. Here comfort and durability are the main components when deciding what to wear for beating, with style not being as much of a concern. Outerwear and boots must be able to keep you dry and warm as the winter weather is very unforgiving.

Our Rutland clothing makes the perfect women's beating clothing as it is durable and will keep you warm and dry regardless of the conditions. This robust tweed is very popular amongst beaters & gamekeepers. Our Combrook range also features country staples that are waterproof and give you protection from the elements.

For warmer days a lightweight waterproof may come in handy, however a brown or green coat would be best to blend into the surroundings.

For specific tweed wear, see our women's tweed clothing staples.

Our heavy duty Arxus boots are a good choice for you feet, as they are designed for comfort and tested in the harshest of environment. For extra comfort a proper pair of shooting socks also make a big difference. An Bromford cotton shirt is a good idea as it will be kind to your skin when wearing all day, whilst an Aylsham fleece is a good option for an extra layer.


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