Collection: Machine Washable Coats & Jackets

Our wide range of machine washable coats & jackets for both men & women are stylish yet practical outerwear pieces for a range of occasions, that are easy care too!

This collection of machine washable jackets will give you protection from the rain and cold this winter, whilst being easy to clean if you are wearing for long days in the field, or during muddy days. 

Want more options? Discover our full range of men's country jackets & women's country coats for more stylish outerwear that will give you protection from the elements this season.

Machine Washable Coats & Jackets

Machine Washable Coat Collections

We stock a wide selection of machine washable outerwear that are built to last, season after season. Our machine washable Fernley coats are fully waterproof and come in navy, woodland & pesto. 

Our best-selling range of Aylsham country fleeces,are all machine washable including the machine washable fleece jackets which are made from a polyester outer. Back in stock for the new season with an updated design comes our machine washable Kexby smocks & coats that comes packed with useful features & waterproof too. 

Other machine washable jackets include our brand new Calsall jackets, quilted jackets, and our Westermoor range.

Lightweight Machine Washable Coats

These machine washable coats and jackets are made in a range of styles, colours, and fits so you can find the most suitable option for you needs & preferences.

Fitting & Care Guide

To ensure the machine washable coats are taken care of, always check the label in the garment. If you have any questions about our machine washable coats & jackets, contact our customer support team at and we will be there to help.

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For over 115 years the Alan Paine brand has been designing and providing luxury garments that are crafted to last a lifetime if taken care of. Our machine washable coats are designed with innovative fabrics and methods to give you outerwear that is durable, comfortable & stylish. 

We offer free delivery on all orders over £200 along with an extended FREE return service should you need to return or replace your garments.

Shop the best machine washable coats on the market for an essential layer this winter.