Collection: Men's Lambswool V Neck Jumpers

Our luxury hand-crafted lambswool v-neck jumpers come in a range of popular colours and pair effortlessly with any gentleman's winter wardrobe. Shop the collection today.

 With over 115 years of heritage, we have learned a thing or two about crafting the highest quality knitwear. We only use the finest quality materials in our production process. The end result is the most luxurious jumpers which are stylish, but stand the test of time. 

Our best-selling Hampshire or Cornwall jumpers feature new colourways whilst we introduce new argyle front 'Kilmory' jumper. Discover our whole collection of lambswool v-neck jumpers today. 

Alternatively discover our entire range of lambswool jumpers for men or v-neck jumper collection.

Men's Lambswool V Neck Jumpers

Men's Lambswool V-Neck Jumpers

Upgrade your selection of knitwear this season with our unique collection of lambswool v neck jumpers for men. These perfect fitting jumpers are made from 100% super-soft lambswool and the perfect garment for colder days. These lambswool v-necks are the epitome of layering being a sophisticated option for week days or weekends.

What Occasions Are Lambswool V-Necks For?

Typically suited for those smarter occasions, a lambswool v-neck jumper is great when an extra layer is needed. Wear your lambswool v-neck over a shirt and tie for meetings or office days. These garments are very insulating which suits autumn or winter commutes to work. To keep the outfit smart, we recommend trousers and shoes. Alternatively, dress down with jeans and casual trainers.

Heading out for a meal with friends? A dress shirt goes perfectly underneath a lambswool v-neck jumper, no tie needed. It also goes well with extra layers whilst watching sport.

Never worry about what to wear to keep you warm in the countryside. A lambswool v-neck is a go to insulating layer on a country walk underneath a country jacket.

A lambswool v-neck is also a smart yet warm layer ideal for country pursuits, such as shooting. Wear underneath your shooting waistcoat or shooting coat to keep you warm whilst on the peg. 

Find The Perfect Fit

Whether you are looking to buy a lambswool v-neck jumper for yourself or as a gift, you need to make sure that the fit is right. Here at Alan Paine, we've made it simple. All of our men's lambswool v-neck jumpers are designed with one of two fits:

  1. Regular Fit - Our modern fit which is slightly tapered across the waist and chest, whilst still retaining room for freedom of movement.
  2. Classic Fit - Our traditional fit which is cut more generously across the waist and chest, designed for comfortable wearing.

You'll find the type of fit in the name of the product. For more information regarding sizing, do see the size guide in the product page. We offer free returns on all UK orders so you can rest assured to find the right size, without the hassle. 

Shop Lambswool V-Neck Jumpers From Alan Paine

Our collection of lambswool v-neck jumpers for men features luxury slipovers, cardigans and jumpers in a range of colours. With over 60 garments in the collection there will be a jumper to suit your style. All lambswool v-neck jumpers at Alan Paine are fully-fashioned and hand-crafted for the perfect end result. 

Order one of our lambswool v-neck jumpers today and elevate your seasonal wardrobe. For an alternative and more casual option, discover our range of lambswool crew neck jumpers.