Collection: Men's Green Lambswool Jumpers

Our green lambswool jumpers provide a luxury layer for smart-casual styles. From versatile crew necks, to the smarter cardigan, complete your wardrobe today.

Discover our entire collection of men's green jumpers which features a range of quality fibres. Alternatively, see our super-soft men's lambswool jumpers in a range of best-selling colourways.

Men's Green Lambswool Jumpers

Men's Green Lambswool Jumpers

Reboot your winter wardrobe with one of our green lambswool jumpers this season. From cardigans, crew necks, v-necks, zipped jumpers or slipovers we have a style to suit you. These green lambswool jumpers come in several shades including best-selling tartan green, landscape or stunning new colours seaweed & watercress. 

All of our green lambswool jumpers are spun by Europe’s oldest spinner, Z. Hinchliffe, which was founded in Yorkshire, England 250 years ago. We only use the most luxurious lambswool to design our garments and they are hand-finished for the highest quality.

Styling A Green Lambswool Jumper

A green lambswool jumper can be styled many ways, depending on the occasion and your current wardrobe. Simply style with grey trousers and shoes for a smart yet simplistic look. Wanting to dress up more formally? A shirt and tie underneath will revitalise the look.

If you want to benefit from the warming properties of lambswool yet want to style casually, jeans with a jacket is an easy go to. A black or grey jacket over a green lambswool jumper will keep you warm for country walks or days out and about, without being too formal. Jeans or chinos with trainers will fit the ensemble.

We recommend staying away from blue jeans as blue and green shouldn't be seen, yet a navy jacket may be okay depending the shade of green jumper. 

What's The Difference Between A Classic Fitting VS Regular Fitting Green Lambswool Jumper?

All of our green lambswool jumpers are designed with one of two fits:

  1. Regular Fit - Our modern fit which is slightly tapered across the waist and chest, whilst still retaining room for freedom of movement.
  2. Classic Fit - Our traditional fit which is cut more generously across the waist and chest, designed for comfortable wearing.

More information on our sizing can be found on the product page. We offer free returns on all of our green lambswool jumpers so you can ensure you find the perfect fit.

Why Shop Green Lambswool Jumpers From Alan Paine?

Lambswool is our best-selling yarn and most popular knitwear collection. These green lambswool jumpers for men have been expertly hand-crafted for a luxury layer. We only design our knitwear with the finest fibres to ensure they can be enjoyed season after season. Shop all green lambswool jumpers now and discover the perfect piece for winter.

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