Lambswool Regular Content


T H E  H A L L M A R K S  O F  A L A N  P A I N E

E s t  E N G L A N D  1 9 0 7


Crafted using the finest first quality fibre from pure pure super-soft lambswool and spun by Europe’s oldest spinner, Z. Hinchliffe, founded in Yorkshire, England 250 years ago. Knitted to a modern contemporary regular fit, which is slightly tapered across the waist and chest, whilst still retaining plenty of room for comfort and ease of movement.


F I N I S H E D  B Y  H A N D  - Each stitch is linked by hand to give the smoothest join possible.

F U L L Y  F A S H I O N E D - Knitted to shape on the knitting machine. We leave it to others to cut corners.

R I B B E D  C U F F S  &  H E M  - For that added snugness & fit.