Explorer Collection

Alan Paine's English Explorer Collection was inspired by our connection with the eminent English mountaineer George Mallory. Mallory took part in three expeditions to Mount Everest, the final one being his last when he and his climbing partner disappeared somewhere on the North-East ridge on 8th June 1924. His frozen body was discovered years after his disappearance.

Numerous items of clothing were recovered, and one such item bore the label WF Paine, High Street Godalming; the shop owned by Alan Paine's father, William Paine, and the place where William founded his knitwear business in 1907.

The English Explorer Collection features updated classic English garments reminiscent of those worn by Mallory on his ill-fated expedition. Luxury knitwear in Super Geelong Lambswool and Lambswool is complemented by stylish wax cotton jackets and gilet featuring innovative tweed trims.

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