Alan Paine Cricket Sweater - Limited Edition Trims

Sandridge Men's Cable Knit Cricket Jumper In Claret

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The cotton cable knit sweater was more or less unheard of before William Paine evolved it into a cricket sweater following the cultural surge in popularity towards classic British sports in the early twenties. A staple of every spring summer collection, the timeless pure cotton sweater retains its traditional cable structure but is enhanced by contemporary colours and trims and an updated fit. Experience a piece of our history whilst embracing the current trend for contemporary sportswear.

• Regular Fit – Our most modern fit
• 100% Cotton – 7 Gauge
• Fully Fashioned - Knitted to shape on the knitting machine.
• Finished by Hand - Each stitch is linked by hand.
• Ribbed Cuffs & Hem – For added comfort & fit.
• Machine Washable.

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Customer Reviews

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Roland Fleming Fleming

Perfect fit, very nice fabric.

Ian Lamont

Simple but original design. Beautiful weight of wool. Very well made.

Alan Paine Cashmere Sweaters


T H E  H A L L M A R K S  O F  A L A N  P A I N E

E s t  E N G L A N D  1 9 0 7


By 1920 Paine’s was supplying quality menswear shops and specialising in adding the club colour trim to the plain cable sweaters. Before long, the club colours were worn by every cricket, tennis and rowing club.


F I N I S H E D  B Y  H A N D  - Each stitch is linked by hand to give the smoothest join possible.

F U L L Y  F A S H I O N E D - Knitted to shape on the knitting machine. We leave it to others to cut corners.

R I B B E D  C U F F S  & H E M  - For that added snugness & fit.



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