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  • #FieldFashionista: Janet Spence


    Three Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club members became #Field Fashionistas and road tested some of our ladies products. Here is what Janet Spence had to say about our Compton Ladies Tweed Blazer.

    "I was so very excited and felt rather privileged to be given the opportunity to be a #FieldFashionista and review the beautiful Alan Paine compton ladies tweed blazer. The blazer comes in three lovely tweeds and selected for me was meadow. When the garment was delivered I could not wait to open the box. I was absolutely over the moon and it was like Christmas had come early. I have never seen any Alan Paine garments before but I was blown away with the quality and the attention to detail within the tailoring. The first thing I noticed was the rich red lining which matched the trim on the pockets and this red was also featured in the tweed itself.

    The blazer has two vents at the back which I love. I am not entirely sure if this is just from riding horses all my life but in my eyes a jacket with one vent is a big no. I remember my mother telling me that one vent just looked messy. The two vents allows the blazer to hang nicely.

    I have many interests and hobbies. Some include eating out, shooting game, clay shooting, hunting, walking and horse riding. This blazer has had a part to play in all those already. It looks fantastic with a pair of heels and equally as fantastic with my wellington boots. It’s great to put on before and after shooting to stay warm and it’s a lightweight layer for a good dog walk on many occasions just to the local pub. I have had a lot of compliments when wearing the blazer as it really stands out from the crowd, it is extremely classy and looks good with anything.

    I have been asked and questioned by a lot of people who have commented on the blazer and then there is always the dreaded question of ‘how much do they cost?’. I think the blazer is extremely well priced at £219.99 and when I have answered people with the price they have been rather shocked. It is hard to find a quality good looking tweed, tailored to this standard for that amount of money and to look at it you would say it would be twice the price.

    I am usually a size 10 in any jacket but this one is a size 8 and it fits beautifully so that is something to bear in mind. It is extremely comfortable, elegant and is perfect for any casual, smart casual occasion. I would definitely suggest adding one of these with high priority to the top of your Christmas list, if not then it is a must for the odd treat to yourself.

    I will certainly be purchasing more products from Alan Paine and when friends ask I will be more than happy to recommend them which I have done so already.

    I would like to say a big thank you to Alan Paine and of course The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club for this amazing opportunity."

    Alan Paine Compton Ladies Blazer in Meadow (1)Compton Ladies Tweed Blazer

    With its flattering and feminine silhouette and attractive lining the Compton Ladies Tweed Blazer forms an essential part of our ladies collection. This garment comes superbly tailored with a 3 button front closure and exquisitely trimmed with pocket jets that are tonal to the over check of the fabric.


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  • #FieldFashionista: Aimee Long

    Aimee Long Product Review


    Three Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club members became #Field Fashionistas and road tested some of our ladies products. Here is what Aimee Long had to say about our Compton Ladies Tweed Coat.

    "It was only in the summer did I decide I wanted to get back into shooting, I hadn't since I was at school and living back in Yorkshire.

    London life is far from the country ideal, which is why I wanted to join a club where I could not only shoot, but hopefully meet some lovely ladies along the way. I came across The Bun Club after a little searching and once joining I was focused on the new outfits I needed to buy - Hello Alan Paine. I have a had a few products from them, but to win the Compton Ladies Shooting Jacket was just bliss, as I wanted it anyway, granted in 'Landscape,' but the 'Dusk' is just as nice.

    I can't wait to give it a test run shooting, but using it on the dog walks has definitely given it its test run. It's super warm, spacious with plenty of deep pockets - perfect for those extra cartridges or dog treats! During these colder winters and the shooting season I always look for a jacket has stands strong to the weather, whether it's raining, icy or just plain old typical British weather, I can honestly say that this jacket stands the test, with its cute silk floral lining, it's the perfect addition to my shooting collection and I will 100% be getting another one to alternate between."

    Alan Paine Compton Ladies Coat in LandscapeCompton Ladies Tweed Coat

    This waterproof coat has been one of our most popular jackets since the inception of the Compton collection. Our pure wool Compton tweed is specially woven for us and not only is it a durable and functional tweed it also boasts an extremely soft handle. We pride ourselves on sourcing beautiful fabrics with eye-catching colourful overchecks.

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